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New York City streets are safer, officials say

New York City Skyline From the Staten Island Ferry (Photo by Todd DeFeo)

Well, at least the streets are safe.

Despite a number of recent polls citing crime as a problem in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and city officials this week announced the number of traffic fatalities dropped in 2015, while the number of pedestrian deaths reached a new low.

There were a total of 231 traffic fatalities in 2015, down from the 297 fatalities that occurred in 2013. That is a year before the start of Vision Zero, a safety program officials credit for making 2015 the safest year on New York City streets since record-keeping began in 1910.

​“2014, 2015 represent the first two-year decline in traffic fatalities in over a decade,”  de Blasio said during a press conference. “So, it’s the first time in over a decade we’ve put two years together where traffic fatalities went down – a 22 percent decrease in traffic fatalities since 2013.

“Here’s a way to think about it – 66 more people alive today because these policies changed drivers behavior, because it created – these policies created real consequences for reckless drivers because the physical changes were made, the speed limit was changed – all the pieces that contributed to 66 more New Yorkers being alive today,” de Blasio added. “Pedestrian fatalities down 27 percent: that’s 50 more children, 50 more parents, grandparents. …This happened as our city has continued to grow. Our population continues to grow. There’s more and more development. We’ve had a record number of tourists, so there’s plenty of activity, but even in the busiest city in the country we’re showing that these fundamental changes can take hold, and can affect everyday life for all of us.”


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