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Investigators recover black box from Asiana Airlines flight that crashed

Federal investigators have recovered the black box from the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 that crashed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday.

A review of the data in the black box will be crucial as investigators piece together exactly what happened leading up to the crash.

“The cockpit data recording gives a sense of the conversations, the workload and what was going on between pilots not just in the moments of the crash but in the minutes and hours before,” Fox News quoted NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman as saying. “If the data’s good, it will help guide our investigation.”

Two people were killed and dozens injured when the airplane — flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea — apparently clipped a seawall at the edge of the runway as it was about to land, according to numerous news reports. The plane’s tail was destroyed and the mid section of the plane was “gutted,” according to an ABC News Radio report.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Asiana Airlines on Sunday said the plane did not have mechanical problems, the company’s CEO told reporters on Sunday, according to published media reports.

“We purchased this airplane in March 2006… currently we understand that there are no engine or mechanical problems,” AFP quoted Asiana Airlines CEO Yoon Young-Doo as saying during a news conference.

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