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Best breakfast in Atlanta: Mamie’s

(Photo by Todd DeFeo / (c) 2012)

CONYERS, Ga. — Mamie’s Biscuits has been keeping generations happy with its tried and true offerings of Southern recipes.

(Photo by Todd DeFeo)

Actually, the name of the restaurant isn’t even Mamie’s Biscuits. It’s Connie’s Country Kitchen, but old-timers here still refer to the restaurant as Maime’s.

Located a stones throw from Old Town Conyers, the restaurant is located in a nondescript yellow building adjacent to the railroad tracks. The original building, interestingly, was destroyed during the 1973 tornado that touched down in town.

The centerpiece of the menu, as the restaurant’s original name might suggest, is biscuits.

Made daily, these biscuits are light and fluffy — in taste only, no doubt. There is nothing in this restaurant that would make one’s cardiologist happy (or likely to recommend this place).

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with a plain biscuit, but there are some pretty tasty options for biscuit sandwiches, made to order. The chicken biscuit is one of the more popular choices among the restaurant’s regulars.

For the more daring eater — or one less concerned about caloric intake — there’s streak o’ lean, better know as fatback. As the name suggests, there’s a “streak” of lean meat complemented by fat.

There’s a full offering of classic Southern fare — from biscuits and gravy to grits to scrambled eggs (with and without cheese). For my money, nothing beats a bacon or sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.

In addition to its good eats, Mamie’s Biscuits is a local landmark: “Head past Mamie’s and turn right.”

Mamie’s Biscuits a/k/a/ Connie’s Country Kitchen is located at 1294 N Main St NW in Conyers, Georgia. For more information, call (770) 922-0131.

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