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Amtrak: Follow these tips for a better travel experience

Amtrak is gearing up for a busy Thanksgiving weekend. In advance, the railroad offered the following tips:

Avoid the Rush: The busiest Amtrak travel days are the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving. Purchase tickets early using and print an eTicket or use your smartphone, use the Amtrak iPhone app or the Amtrak Android app, QuikTraksm ticket vending machines or ticket windows at staffed stations or call 800-USA-RAIL

Arrive at the Station Early: Allow plenty of time at stations prior to departure – at least 45 minutes before if tickets need to be picked up. Arrange for pre-boarding if you need extra time or assistance and use Red Cap agents to help you with your baggage. In addition, suburban Amtrak stops can be less crowded than downtown locations and can enable you to get a jump on your trip if the station is in your direction of travel.

Know the Limits: Note the limit of two carry-on bags per person (excluding laptops, purses, briefcases), and be sure all luggage is tagged with your name and address.

Carry photo ID: Passengers are required to show valid photo identification when purchasing tickets. Make sure to carry valid photo ID at all times, as it can be requested aboard trains.

Be Safe: Be aware of your surroundings, stand back from the edge of the platform, do not leave your bags unattended, and watch your step when boarding and leaving the train or when walking between cars while the train is in motion.

Security Matters: If you see something suspicious or unusual, say something. Call Amtrak Police at 800.331.0008 or 911. Passengers might notice additional police presence at stations and on board our trains as part of our planned increased security efforts which also include random baggage screening at various stations.

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