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Diner serving best of Southern fare since 1936

The T-ville Diner has been serving good eats since 1936. (Photo by Todd DeFeo / (c) 2012)

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — So many times the best food comes from the places you least expect.

Why that’s a revelation I need to keep reinforcing, I do not know.

After wrapping up a day, I made my way to the T-ville Diner, a local institution. Since 1936, the T-ville diner has been satisfying customers with its down home cooking.

The original restaurant was located in an old railroad car. The car was removed in December 1986, and since 1987, the restaurant has called a permanent structure home.

On this particular Monday, country style steak was on the menu. And, it’s a good thing it was.

Coupled with macaroni and cheese and a baked potato, this meal hit the spot. But, it was the apple cobbler that was the real kicker.

If there’s nothing else to be gained by a stop by this local diner, it’s that eateries like this should be a staple of any trip.

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