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Those great attractions from yesteryear

Walt Disney famously said his theme parks would never be finished.

Over the years, the parks have seen a number of changes. Most of the updates have been welcomed, but often times, these changes leave Disney fanatics longing for the past.

Though these attractions are no longer with us, they are surely remembered by the thousands of fans who lament their disappearance.

Here are a few of the most memorable Magic Kingdom attractions from years past:

  • Swan Boats: One of the earliest attractions to close, the loading dock remains as a reminder.
  • Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes: The Magic Kingdom attraction, which closed in 1994, traces its origins to Disneyland’s version that opened in 1956. Not a major attraction, but one of the more fun ones that ever hit the park’s lineup. Plus, this was a good way to burn off that turkey leg you had for lunch.
  • Skyway: Maybe it was the backstage areas that were clearly visible or the dangers that this ride posed that ultimately led to its downfall, but there was no better way to travel between the far reaches of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.
  • Penny Arcade/Main Street Cinema/House of Magic: These attractions weren’t great draws like the Magic Kingdom’s E Ticket attractions, but they show just how great Disney’s attention to detail was. These two attractions have since been turned into stores, most likely because neither made any money.
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: Sept. 7, 1998, is a “Day the Music Died” moment for the Magic Kingdom. Despite the objections of thousands of fans from around the world, Disney shuttered the ride and replaced it with a Winnie the Pooh attraction – and a related store. RIP Mr. Toad.

The list goes on; in some instances, bigger and better attractions have taken their place, though these new rides will never replace them.

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