When in Curacao, make time for a museum

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — One advantage Curacao has over other Caribbean destinations is its wealth of cultural attractions.

So in between snorkeling and margaritas, be sure to make time for one of the island’s museums. Here are a few attractions worth considering:

Postal Museum

Don’t think for a moment, only a philatelist would be interested in a visit to the Postal Museum. The museum features a lot of interesting about the island of Curacao.

The museum is housed in a building dating to 1693 — the oldest building on the island.

Maritime Museum

In a picturesque mansion located on the Waaigat inlet and dating to 1729, the Maritime Museum features an incredible collection of artifacts and stories about the island’s inextricable connection to the sea. Curacao was “discovered” in 1499 and has been an important shipping center throughout its history.

Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue & Jewish Museum

One might not expect to find a large Jewish population in the middle of a Caribbean paradise. But Curacao is home to the “oldest synagogue building in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere,” and the Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue & Jewish Museum chronicles the congregation’s history.

Numismatic Museum

From the days of bartering for goods and services to the issuing of its own Antillean currency, the Numismatic Museum takes a look at money on the island.

Fort Church Museum

Dating to 1769, Fort Church is the oldest church on the island. The church’s associated museum features a number of historic artifacts chronicling the Dutch Protestant congregation that dates to 1635.

Kura Hulanda Museum

Sadly, slavery is a major part of Curacao’s history, and the Kura Hulanda Museum takes an in depth look at how the institution shaped the island’s history.

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