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New York memorials serve as reminders of Sept. 11 (Part I)

NEW YORK – Reminders of Sept. 11 are widespread in New York City, but they aren’t limited to Ground Zero. Some of the memorials worth experiencing include:

World Trade Center ‘Sphere’

Fritz Koenig’s “The Sphere” stood in front of the World Trade Center since 1971 – a landmark nearly as famous as the towers themselves.

On Sept. 11, 2001, the 45,000-pound bronze and steel sculpture was nearly destroyed. “The Sphere” was eventually relocated to Battery Park’s Eisenhower Mall where it stands today along with an eternal flame.

“There’s nothing we can do to bring back those we lost, but we have to make sure we have a way to remember,” The Associated Press quoted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as saying in 2002.

Staten Island’s ‘Postcards’

Located near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George, the “Postcards” memorial stands with the forever-changed New York City skyline as its backdrop. The memorial was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2004, and honors the 270 Staten Island residents or former residents who were killed during both the 2001 attack and the 1993 terror attack on the World Trade Center.

“This beautiful memorial represents both the sacrifice and the hopefulness of the people of Staten Island,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a 2004 statement. “It poignantly memorializes individual victims and provides a vivid reminder of their lives while challenging us to look towards and build a brighter future.”

The memorial’s two thin structures resemble postcards. From afar, they appear as wings outstretched toward the sky.

“The concept for this memorial came from a desire to create something that would connect us all to the victims of this tragedy,” memorial designer Masayuki Sono said in a 2004 statement. “I chose the symbol of the postcard because we all write to people we remember and miss. Set on the axis that frames the view towards the World Trade Center site, the memorial seeks to restore the tie between the community and its loss. At the same time it symbolizes hope for the future and the spirit of freedom.”

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