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Staycation? What staycation?

ATLANTA – Is the staycation a distant memory?

If the results of KAYAK’s Annual Summer Travel Survey are any indication, then it may be.

The recent survey found that 95 percent of people plan to travel this summer despite the economy. In addition, more than 41 percent said the recession did not affect their summer plans. Interestingly, that is twice as many people as the 2008 survey. More than 4,100 people were polled for this year’s survey.

“Thanks to an abundance of travel deals, last year’s Staycation trend appears to be over as we’re seeing consumers using savvy cost-saving strategies to once again embark on a traditional summer vacation,” Brian Harniman, KAYAK executive vice president of marketing and distribution, said in a news release. “According to KAYAK’s survey, our users plan to take advantage of historically low airfare and hop on a plane in search of culture and nightlife with trips to domestic and European cities topping the list of destinations being considered. This is a major change from last summer when 64 percent told us they would avoid flying because airfare was too expensive.”

The survey reveals that people may be using a number of tactics to save money: staying with friends or relatives; taking advantage of off-season pricing; trading down for a less fancy hotel; booking a shorter holiday; choosing a destination closer to home; and booking accommodations with a kitchen to cut down on dining at a restaurant. In addition, lower fuel costs are helping.

“The cost of travel is much lower compared to last summer’s weekly fuel increases, so people can more easily afford to travel,” Harniman added.

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