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Survey: 66 percent plan to take same number of trips as last year

A new survey by an off-site airport parking company found that 66 percent of its travel customers – both business and leisure – plan to travel just as much in 2009 as they did last year.

However, the survey from Fast Park also revealed that while people don’t want to cut the number of trips they take, they are looking to save money on those trips. It’s no surprise that 50 percent plan to look for online deals while 27 percent plan stay closer to home and 21 percent plan to take shorter trips.

On the business side, 53 percent of travelers said their companies are taking steps to reduce travel costs this year.

“It’s clear most of our customers want to (or must) continue traveling despite current economic conditions,” Manuel Chavez, chief operations officer at Fast Park, said in a news release. “We’re all affected by the current economy in one way or another. Many of our corporate partners are unable to reduce their travel and we understand their need to reduce expenses. We’re working with these groups individually to develop bulk rate discounts whenever we can.”

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